18 May 2020 - Corporate

The Race for Water foundation remains committed to the preservation of the oceans, with the modified plan of stopovers

The House of Breguet is the main partner of Race for Water, a foundation dedicated to the preservation of water. Breguet and Race for Water continue their commitment to an odyssey that extends until 2021.

The Race for Water boat is currently on stand-by in Okino-Erabu, an island south of Japan’s mainland. In view of the health safety directives related to Covid-19 imposed by all governments, the Foundation postpones the Asian stopovers for a few months but remains committed to the preservation of the oceans. The crew will escalate their program at the end of the year and target in priority major cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, Shanghai and Singapore.

Franck David, General Director of the Odyssey, says: “We are readjusting what was planned as best as we can. The deployment of our Share and Act programs is largely impacted by this international health situation. However, during this troubled period, the foundation nevertheless tries to continue the promotion and relaying of the message of ocean preservation via social networks and our website. It is important not to relax our efforts: the oceans are the first lung of the planet!”

Regarding the 2021 provisional program, the Foundation will validate the main stopovers of its odyssey at the end of 2020 according to the situation of the pandemic at the international level and the countries concerned, in particular in the UAE and in Europe.

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