7 September 2023 - Events

The House of Breguet exhibits at Frieze Seoul

Breguet continues its collaboration with Frieze by participating in the Korean Fair, from 6 to 9 September 2023, at the COEX in Seoul. The House is delighted to welcome visitors to its new stand, developed with the curator Somi Sim, which will present "Streaming Time", a reflection of the interconnection of mediatized lives online. "Streaming Time" describes both a constant flow and a method of cultural consumption synonymous with digital culture. 

"Art reflects how human perception has been changed by urban life. At the same time, it visualizes what might be unseen, excluded or lost from society. " describes Somi Sim. "My curatorial approach to collaborating with Breguet considers both their importance in the invention and development of horology to create a dialogue between the art and broader understandings of horology shaped by history. " Two artists have been selected by Somi Sim to represent the "Streaming Time" concept in different artistic forms, "Sungseok Ahn and Heemin Chung are part of the new generation of Korean artists who have challenged the notion of time in relation to perception."