8 December 2020 - Events

China: On the Traces of Breguet’s Tradition Line

The House of Breguet once again puts the Tradition collection in the spotlight through an exhibition entitled: “A Return to Origins, A Vision of the Future”. Presented in several Chinese cities, it can notably be discovered until the end of the year at the Shanghai Langham.

Introduced in 2005, the Tradition line intrigues and fascinates. Its timepieces are the first ones to unveil their movement organs above the mainplate, all placed in symmetry. This strong graphical identity and its extraordinary architecture quickly placed the line as an icon in horology.

The exhibition is meant to focus on the architectural side of the pieces, which takes their inspiration from the subscription watch, making it out through their simple conception and aesthetics. Inspired by those pieces who contributed to Breguet’s success after the French Revolution, they prove their innovative spirit by the integration of ultramodern materials, like silicon. Firmly looking ahead, Breguet continues to evolve the spirit of the brand while building upon the pioneering foundations of its founder.

Discover the Tradition Collection