19 October 2023 - Collections

Breguet unveils new versions of its Classique Tourbillon 3358

The first model crafted in white gold invites you to delve into dreams of starry nights. A mesmerizing cascade of diamonds seemingly glides over its pearled and varnished midnight blue mother-of-pearl dial. The dial, resembling a curved and polished arena, elegantly unfolds at 6 o'clock, unveiling the Tourbillon in all its splendour. An imposing shooting star-shaped bar gracefully crosses the Tourbillon.

On the other hand, the second model, crafted in rose gold, embraces a dial adorned with a total of 281 diamonds. The arrangement of these precious gems between 3 and 9 o’clock form elegant curves, while those inside the chapter ring are meticulously set using the snow-setting technique. The Tourbillon is majestically positioned at the base of the dial, integrated within a curved and polished oval-shaped aperture, and enhanced by a rounded gold bar.