5 August 2019 - Events

Breguet celebrate its maritime heritage in Hamburg

From 3rd to 16th June of this year, the House of Breguet presented an exhibition in the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg, as a tribute to its maritime heritage.
Inaugurated on 5th June, in presence of the Brand representative, the exhibition invited visitors to immerse themselves in the historical links that unite Breguet and navigation on the high sea, along with the chance to discover the last creations of the Marine collection.

During the opening event, guests also had the pleasure of taking part in a captivating panel discussion about the dangers of plastic pollution and their solutions, alongside Annabelle Boudinot. First Mate of the Race for Water crew, she took this opportunity to report on the expedition. Until 2021, the House of Breguet committed to support this world tour on a pioneering vessel, which promotes innovative solutions to transform these plastic wastes into energy resources.