Antique watches

Obtaining information on the history of a timepiece

The Breguet Museum gives you the opportunity to obtain information on the history of a timepiece bearing a Breguet signature. This service allows you to obtain the information available on our sales records such as the type of watch, manufacture date and other information if applicable. 
To search our archives, please send your request via the contact form.
The available information in the Breguet archives will be provided to you free of charge by email. Please note that this cannot be used as evidence of the authenticity of the timepiece. Moreover, no monetary valuation of the piece will be carried out as this would require the skills of an independent expert or an auction house.


Important information

Important information 
A large number of counterfeits were made in the late 18th century and throughout the 19th century. There were considerably more of them than real Breguet timepieces.
If you own one of the following timepieces, unfortunately it is a counterfeit:

  • A pocket watch with an individual number higher than 5500;
  • A 19th-century pocket watch bearing the signature “Breguet à Paris”; 
  • A pocket watch bearing the words “Spiral Breguet”. Between the 1880s and 1910s, many manufacturers added this inscription in large letters to their products to add to their credibility. However, Breguet never used this type of inscription. 

How to contact us

Obtaining a certificate of authenticity

 The Breguet Museum offers an authentication service for antique watches. The service can be used to verify the authenticity of a watch bearing a Breguet signature and to obtain information concerning the timepiece: specifications, date of sale, name of first owner, etc. No monetary valuation of the piece will be carried out.
To use the authentication service, please send your request via the contact form. We reserve the right to ask you to drop off your timepiece at an authorised point of sale if required.
If the watch is authentic, you will be given the chance to purchase an official certificate of authenticity listing all the information available in the registers. The document will be produced and signed by the museum and Breguet archives registrar. This certificate costs €642 including tax, payable in advance.