*Please tell us the kind of enquiry you are making

Please tell us as much as possible about the enquiry you are making.

  • Watch dimensions (diameter, thickness)
  • Signature on the dial, on the case, on the cuvette
  • Number on the dial, the case, the cuvette
  • Case metal (gold, platinum, silver, etc.)
  • Dial description (gold, silver, enamel, etc.) and the numerals (Roman, Arabic, Turkish, etc.)
  • Watch functions: watch with or without ringing
  • Additional watch functions: small seconds, large seconds, chronograph, phases of the moon, calendar (day, date, month), power reserve, etc.
  • Good quality photos allowing us to easily read all the indications engraved on the timepiece.
  • Any request for authentication must be accompanied by photos (dial, case, movement and any other place where a signature, numbers and / or hallmarks can be found). Incomplete requests cannot be processed.
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