4 March 2024 - Corporate

Breguet and Frieze continue their collaboration in Los Angeles

Breguet will be at Frieze Los Angeles from 29th February to 3rd March. The Maison will be presenting its exhibition ‘Inhabiting Time’, the final chapter of its collaborative work with curator Somi Sim, which introduces two works of art. Somi gave us an insight into her artistic decisions:  “The curatorial concept, Inhabiting Time, will explore our interconnected relationship with time through the prism of architecture. Space could be understood as unfolding our ways of living through time architecturally. The two artists chosen for our concluding presentation in Los Angeles – Gordon Matta-Clark and People’s Architecture Office – offer us an opportunity to reflect on the ways that we physically and sensorially move through life, providing a multi-dimensional approach to my question ‘how do we inhabit time?’” commented Somi Sim.

In his video work Clockshower (1973), the American artist Gordon Matta-Clark (1943-1978) climbed up and suspended himself from a New York City clock tower to shower, shave and brush his teeth. This acrobatic act of urban exploration mediates between binaries: the body and the built environment, private and public as well as the lived experience of time and its formal representation.

Time Pieces (2024), by the Los Angeles and Beijing-based People's Architecture Office (PAO), is a dynamic installation which aims to represent the multi-layered experience of time through a spatial structure. Rhyming with the clock face in Matta-Clark’s work, the reflective tubes are organised in the form of torus, which create in the space a fleeting flow of images, gazes and interactions.