Breguet records

The Breguet records

The purchase of a Breguet watch gives you the option of having your name entered in the sales records which the Breguet company has kept since the late 18th century. We invite you to avail yourself of this opportunity, both to foster the traditions and to add to the centuries-old bonds between the House of Breguet and its clients. Kept in the Breguet Museum on Place Vendôme in Paris, our record books contain the names of many leading historical figures, from Queen Marie-Antoinette, Wellington, Napoleon Bonaparte and Tsar Alexander I of Russia to leading contemporary personalities whose identity discretion forbids us to disclose.

Entering your name in our records perpetuates a cherished tradition that emphasizes the esteem in which we hold every one of our customers.

Nonetheless, please note that we can accept your registration only providing that

  • it is effected using the required form, supplied
  • at the time of purchase together with the warranty,
  • you are the initial owner of the watch,
  • you acquired your watch from an official Breguet dealer.

How to register

A registration form for inscription of your name in the records is provided with your purchase along with the certificate of origin and the warranty. If need be, ask for the form at the shop where you purchased your watch.

Thank you for completing the registration form and returning it by post.

Breguet has always recommended and still recommends that its clients have their watches repaired or serviced by Breguet.