Marie-Antoinette N°1160

Marie-Antoinette N°1160


Reproduction of the watch no 160 called "Marie-Antoinette" based only on pictures and descriptions. Today this watch is still considered as the 5th most complicated in the world. Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, perpetual calendar, equation of time, repetition for hours, quarters and minutes, independent seconds, thermometer and power-reserve indicator. Movement: plates, bridges and all wheels of the going, repeating and calendar train made of wood-polished pink gold, plate screws made of polished and blued steel.

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Технические характеристики


  • Автоматические часы
  • 48
  • 19
  • 63
  • Bimetallic
  • Natural lift
  • Cylindrical


  • Yellow gold
  • Нет
  • Да
  • 63
  • 26,2


Изобретения Breguet

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