1796 - Subscription watch

Subscription watch

Development and production of the first single hand watch known as the subscription watch.

Breguet's subscription watch is one of relatively large diameter - 2 3/8  inches (61mm) - with a single hand and an enamel dial, and it is equipped with a special movement of great simplicity. Launched through an advertising brochure in 1797, subscription watches were sold by Breguet on a subscription basis, and the firm required customers to make a down payment of a quarter of the price when they placed an order. Called souscription in the sales ledgers, these watches were reliable and affordable; they proved a great success, attracting a large new clientele. Some 700 were made, with a choice of either a gold or silver case. Breguet used the calibre of this watch to make his first touch watches.

Subscription watch No. 246, experimental calibre, sold on 9 January 1798 to Mr Durbach.  

Breguet designed a new type of travel clock, in the form of a small gilt bronze case, glazed on four sides.