The Petit Trianon of Versailles
25 September 2008 - Restorations

Breguet Presided over the Rebirth of a Gem of French Neoclassical Architecture: the Petit Trianon of Versailles.

As part of its contribution to the preservation of Europe’s historical and cultural heritage, Breguet provided concrete support to the palace of Versailles, bringing back to life an estate that once belonged to one of Breguet’s most ardent admirers. The Petit Trianon’s exemplary refinement provided Marie-Antoinette with an opportunity to escape the French court’s highly mannered protocol to pursue her interests and enjoy a simpler way of life. The brand's undertaking thus enabled new life to be given to one of the jewels of neoclassical French architecture. The original existing decors and those in need of rehabilitation were restored, additional museological installations were created, the apartments received furniture from the various relevant periods and the building’s technical equipments were upgraded. Started in 2007, the renovations were completed in September 2008.