Breguet Joined with CNN for Culture
25 November 2013 - Archives

Breguet Joined with CNN for Culture

A world-scale alliance debuted in 2011, when Breguet and CNN partnered in staging a theme week dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci which revealed the artist’s last masterpiece to the world. Entitled Salvator Mundi, this rediscovered painting was exhibited at London’s National Gallery from November 9th 2011 to February 2012. This exceptional partnership between the watchmaking Manufacture and the famous cable news channel highlighted the most significant artistic discovery of the past two centuries, both on the cable network and on the Internet. This theme week dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci stems from a model in the Breguet collection symbolizing the link between the watch manufacturer and the prodigious Italian artist: the Tradition Tourbillon 7047PT model, incorporating a fusee and chain mechanism serving to transmit the energy to the balance in a constant mode – a concept invented by Leonardo da Vinci in around 1490.
Following the success of this first edition, Breguet renewed its partnership in 2013. The watchmaking Manufacture, main sponsor of the renovation of the Louvre Richelieu wing, and CNN International dedicates a weeklong program to the greatest museum in the world.
CNN takes you "Inside the Louvre," building an intimate portrait of a museum like no other. From the handler who looks after the Mona Lisa's famous smile, to the new director, Jean-Luc Martinez, host Nick Glass meets the people at the heart of Paris' most renowned institution.