Breguet in the Heart of Europe: Waterloo 1815-2015
19 May 2015 - Restorations

Breguet in the Heart of Europe: Waterloo 1815-2015

In 2015, Breguet marked its presence at the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo as a major private sponsor of the conservation of Hougoumont Farm. One of the last authentic testimonies to the battle, Hougoumont seeks to work toward peace and stability in Europe. This building is of particular importance for Breguet due to the relationship between the House and the battle’s many legendary figures. Loyal customers of Breguet are indeed to be found in both France’s side of the battle, as well as the Allies’ camp. The most famous among them are of course the Emperor Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington. With the patronage of the project Hougoumont, Montres Breguet underlines its links with its own history as well as with the history of Europe. This partnership joins the global strategy that the House has actively maintained since 2005 in the domain of cultural patronage in order to protect important world heritage institutions.