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Breguet at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

In 2014, Breguet celebrated its partnership with the San Francisco Fine Arts Museums and announced a year-long project at the museum of the largest collection of Breguet antique watches ever to be shown in the Americas. The grand opening of this historic exhibition is slated for September 2015.
Spanning fifty years of horological innovations by founder, Abraham-Louis Breguet (often regarded as the “Father of Modern Horology”), the future exhibition will showcase antique Breguet timepieces as well as instruments of measurements. Best known for its marquee innovation, the tourbillon—a device that neutralizes the negative effects of gravity in pocket watches, the expansive exhibition will also feature a wide array of pocket watches, travel clocks, as well as rare prototypes. The collection will educate the viewer on the ingenious mind of a watchmaker who gave the world more than watches—it left a timeless legacy of innovative engineering. In a time before electricity lit Parisian streets to become the City of Lights, the Breguet workshop on 39 Quai de l’Horloge, was creating fashion-forward and technologically advanced timekeeping devices that revolutionized the concept of personal timekeeping.