8 July 2024 - Art and Culture

Waterloo Battlefield - Hougoumont Farm

Working closely with Montres Breguet, the management of the “Domain of the Battle of Waterloo” inaugurated a new scenography at the Hougoumont farmhouse on 18 June 2024. From now on a "Breguet Gallery"  adorns the wall of the large barn, displaying portraits of the House's illustrious clients who clashed on the battlefield in 1815.

One finds them both in the camp of the 'Armée du Nord', on the French side, and in the camp of the Allies, better known as the British side. The most famous were, of course, Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington. But we can also mention Marshal de Grouchy, Marshal Ney, Jerome Bonaparte, the surgeon Dominique Larrey, General Kellerman and, in the camp of the opposing side, Lord Paget, Lord Somerset, Major Percy and Generals Cooke, Maitland and Ponsonby.

At the inauguration, guests were able to admire the authentic Breguet nr. 1587 quarter-repeating watch of Jérôme Bonaparte, Napoleon's youngest brother. It were the infantrymen of his division who were the first to be engaged in the fighting around Hougoumont.

In 2015, to mark the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, Breguet was the main private sponsor of the restoration project of the Hougoumont farmstead, one of the last authentic sites of the battle.


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