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Interactive visit of the BoutiqueThe Breguet Boutique moves at 6 Place Vendôme. Both sales areas and museum space share the contemporary spirit of an original décor highlighting the brand’s corporate colours. Its 500 square metres today make “6 Place Vendôme” the world’s largest Breguet Boutique.The new boutique features a variety of elegant appointments. Recalling the blueish enamel of Breguet pocket watches, decorative elements in blued glass display Breguet’s signature “Clou de Paris” hobnailed pattern. ‘Hanging-wall’ partition streamers and other gold-toned elements delimit cosy sales booths, playing with light and shadow like the engraved motifs of Breguet watches. Gold inserts in the walnut floors underline the resplendence of these grandly appointed premises and their interplay of royal blue and Sun King gold.