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Reine de Naples Jewels


THE REINE DE NAPLES COLLECTION: SUAVE SEDUCTION As the watchmaker to some particularly discerning women, Breguet has always had to demonstrate equal skills as a jeweller.Such women know how to inspire those who have to meet the highest expectations. It is thus in its new REINE DE NAPLES jewellery that Breguet honours the muses for whom it turns bewitchment into an art. The REINE DE NAPLES collection is grand jewellery in the Breguet style, set with selected diamonds and rare gemstones. It’s inspired by Caroline Murat, the queen of Naples who desired A. -L. Breguet to make his first wristwatch for her two centuries ago. In the REINE DE NAPLES ring, Breguet again reaches the exquisite refinement that heightens the senses and deepens the emotions. With spellbinding mastery, Breguet’s jewellers and gemmologists express the magnificence of exotic gems that crown the white-gold circle of diamonds. Each has its unique colour and lustre: the green and blue of tourmaline, rubies from Vietnam, pink sapphire from Madagascar, aquamarines, morganite and rhodolite.The latest additions to the collection are unique pieces for grand occasions — settings of diamonds, sapphires, emeralds or rubies, selected to order. Showpiece of the collection is an exclusive creation — a ring set with large baguette diamonds and a Columbian emerald that turns every ray of light into fireworks. The REINE DE NAPLES set also includes earrings and drops paved with diamonds, blue and pink sapphires and emeralds. Breguet’s Haute Joaillerie collections, launched in 2000, met with immediate acclaim. Its creations reflect all the artistry and technique of the brand’s watchmaking pedigree.Today, like artists in light, Breguet’s jewellers select, cut and set the purest stones, giving the ancient fascination of gemstones a new hold on a woman’s heart.