This where the flash should stand...

Breguet opens a new Boutique on 24 November 2009 in Ekaterinburg


To celebrate its long-term relationship with Russia, BREGUET opens a new Boutique and the first one in the Oural-region in Ekaterinburg. Occupying a prime site on Prospect Lenina, at the number 25, the BREGUET Boutique spreads its 142 square meters of elegant atmosphere, corresponding to the prestige of BREGUET. It has been designed into a superb showcase to present an exclusive selection of perfectly refined and impeccably finished timepieces as well as luxurious and exquisite jewelry suites.


The boutique’s decoration scheme focuses on the quality of its constituent materials and the refinement of its decorative details. The choice of materials stemmed from a study of Breguet timepieces. Selected historic designs served as aesthetic references such as the famous “Clou de Paris” pattern in blued glass frames recalling the bluish enamelling of its pocket watches. Spatial partitioning draws its inspiration from the elliptic patterns abounding in BREGUET’s own work, resulting in sinuous shapes and surfaces accompanying our guests throughout their visit to the boutique and museum.


These magnificent premises are a must destination in Ekaterinburg for anyone and everyone fascinated by the world of Breguet. Here, between centuries-old tradition and permanent innovation, its watchmaking genius flourishes. Here, the precious stones gracing its wonderfully creative gem jewellery reflects the demanding art of its master gem-setters. Here, too, centuries of European history and culture come together under the approving eyes of numerous famous clients, including Tsar Alexander I, Prince Orloff, Prince Poniatowski or Sergei Rachmaninov and famous writers such as Pushkin.