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Breguet Boutique, Swatch Art Peace Hotel – Shanghai


Breguet always makes a point of opening its Boutiques in the world’s most prestigious venues. In China as elsewhere, a brand like Breguet owes it to its customers to welcome them in a truly exceptional locale. What is more, considering the company’s policy of supporting the arts and culture, it was only natural for Breguet to take part in the saga of the Swatch Art Peace Hotel. The Swatch Group has been actively involved in the restoration of the historic building located at number 19 on the Bund, at the corner of Nanjing Road, in Shanghai. The reconstruction and renovation work spread over 11,300 square metres, are now winding down. Inauguration of the business premises is scheduled for May 2010.

Covering 240 square metres, the new Breguet boutique’s contemporary design draws its inspiration from the period timepieces on display at the Breguet Museum in Paris.With its numerous artistic elements,the overall mood of the boutique perfectly match the building’s atmosphere.
Breguet is now in a position to cater to all its Shanghai-based customers, increasingly numerous and demanding, with a boutique worthy of the masterpieces inside.