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CLASSIQUE : REF. 1801BR/12/2W6The Tourbillon WatchOn the 7th of Messidor, Year 9 ( June 26, 1801 ), theMinistry of the Interior of France awarded Breguet a patent for a new type of regulator called Tourbillon, whereby the entire escapement of a watch movement was subjected to permanent regular rotation. Cancelling the effects of gravitational attraction, his ingenious system provided at the time exceptional precision. Today, we take pride in perpetuating Breguet’s legendary brainchild with a variety of Tourbillon designs, including this Grande Complication wristwatch in 18K pink gold with a handwound movement featuring a seconds hand fitted directly on the Tourbillon shaft. Its silver-plated gold dial is engraved by hand on the rose engine while the hand-engraved coverlid bears the inscription “Tourbillon”.