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Reine de Naples


BREGUET CREATED THE FIRST WRISTWATCH FOR A QUEENTo consider the history of Breguet from a purely masculine standpoint would miss a major aspect of things, namely that prominent women have for two centuries now regularly chosen to own and wear Breguet timepieces. Among them Marie-Antoinette, queen of France, the Marquise de Condorcet, Empress Joséphine and Caroline Murat, queen of Naples – all found the charm of a Breguet irresistible. To cater to its feminine clientele, the company has long masterfully combined the watchmaker’s art with that of the gem jeweller’s.Little wonder its current timepieces correspond so perfectly to their aspirations. Yet today, over and beyond salutes and tributes, women themselves have Breguet’s muse and inspiration.Breguet’s new collection, Reine de Naples, is inspired by an early bracelet watch A.-Louis Breguet created for Bonaparte’s sister Caroline, queen of Naples. With their customary care and precision, Breguet’s watchmakers have created a symbol of feminine refinement in a contemporary jewellery watch.After 200 years of practice, Breguet knows that you need to be a poet as well as a magician to capture the heart of a queen. The Reine de Naples watch demonstrates Breguet’s uncanny skills at touching a woman’s most secret emotions and awakening subtle desires.