This where the flash should stand...



In the summer of 2011, Saint Petersburg received distinguished guests of the 15th International Economy Forum. A gala reception on behalf of Saint Petersburg Governor Valentina Matviyenko was held in Mikhailovsky Garden on June 17. The main theme of all the events of those festivities was TIME. This concept did not sound abstract at all at the Forum that united many very internationally influential persons, because a lot of what would shape the international environment and happen in the future depended on those persons. Chosen as the venue, Mikhailovsky Garden became an area haunted by TIME, which could be seen, heard, and even touched owing to the numerous arts objects and installations that were arranged in the Garden's pathways and alleys along the itinerary of the guests of honor. They saw a fancy kaleidoscope of performances and theatricalized events dedicated to TIME. One of the most conspicuous areas of the Garden and the event's favorite was the Rossi Pavilion. It housed experts from the famous Swiss watch company BREGUET. That evening, the Pavilion was turned into a real watch workshop fitted out with unique equipment. The public had a rare opportunity to observe the process of making high-precision watches that required special equipment and skills comparably with real arts. In the presence of the guests, Switzerland's best watchmakers assembled watch movements, which certainly generated genuine interest and delight. On screens showing all the details of this process, high-profile politicians and representatives of the business community could see all the intricate nuances of the watchmakers' work. There was one more arts object that captured the guests' attention and evidenced the long-established ties between BREGUET and Russia. These ties were reflected in Eugene Onegin, a novel in verse written by great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin:

Meanwhile, attired for morning strolling

Complete with broad-brimmed bolivar,

Eugene attends the boulevard,

And there at large he goes patrolling

Until Bréguet's unsleeping chime

Advises him of dinner-time.

Pushkin's drawn profile decorated Mikhailovsky Garden's small poetic theater, where legendary Russian actors recited rhymed literary passages about TIME and WATCHES. In addition, the festivities had other surprises prepared by BREGUET, whose watches are known to be both rhythmical and musical. The Garden was reigned by magical melodies. A perfect present for the Forum guests was the performance by the Moscow Soloists, the chamber orchestra under the direction of maestro Yury Bashmet, who had kindly accepted BREGUET's invitation. After the concert, most participants in the Governor's Reception returned to the Rossi Pavilion, where the guests could continue their communication in a comfortable environment. The Reception went like clockwork. The guests had a good time—TIME harnessed by BREGUET.