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Ruissellement Jewels


SUNSHINE ON A RIVER…Breguet’s new jewellery collection, RUISSELLEMENT, magically combines two elements — water and fire — in cascades of diamonds shot with the flame of gemstones.Burmese rubies, for all their ardour, remain unquenched in rivulets of diamonds, drawn voluptuously in curves of white gold.The necklace stylishly decants its brilliance in an endless flow of gemstones. Earrings frame the face in a trio of rubies, forever inciting more displays of light from within the nuclei of diamonds. The ring confers hypnotic powers to the finger it entwines.In the RUISSELLEMENT collection, craftsmen resolve the conflict of fire and water in ripples of pure light. It’s one of the rare temptations that are futile to resist.Breguet’s fine-jewellery collections have had a magnificent response since they were launched in 2000. Its creations have captured women’s hearts and the imaginations of those who seek the best. It’s jewellery that crystallises the craftsmanship and the traditional quality for which Breguet is renowned.