This where the flash should stand...



From 8 to 18 February 2013, the manufacture of watchmaking Breguet presents again some of its finest creations at Galleria Department Store in Seoul, Korea.

Illustrated by several exceptional timepieces and fine jewelry pieces, this exhibition offers the opportunity for the public to discover the creativity and ingenuity shown by Breguet since 1775. First, with its founder, Abraham-Louis Breguet and his revolutionary ideas, including the famous tourbillion; one of the most significant inventions in the field of watchmaking. Rich of its heritage, Montres Breguet is entirely in tune with its avangardist philosophy: its ability to push the boundaries of horological construction, blending aesthetics with mechanical constraints, makes it a full-fledged art in its own right. Today more than ever, this vision is pursuing under the leadership of its President and CEO Marc A. Hayek. Research and development are particularly realized in fields such as the magnetism, high frequency and properties of new materials like silicon and resulting in major breakthroughs for the entire watch industry.

From innovations to revolutions in watchmaking, it is this singular alchemist’s blend of hand-craftsmanship expertise and cutting-edge technologies that Montres Breguet reveals over its collections.