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Breguet antique watches


BREGUET BUYS BACK ITS PAST Mr Nicolas G. Hayek, president and CEO of the Swatch Group and Montres Breguet SA, is looking after Breguet’s heritage by regularly buying antique watches at auction. The latest purchases include six important Breguet timepieces at Antiquorum’s sale of 156 exceptional horological works of art in Geneva on October 20.Mr Hayek secured the finest historical Breguets to have been acquired for the brand since it joined the Swatch Group. The four Breguet pocket-watches and two clocks are highly representative of A.-L. Breguet’s technical genius. The most expensive at CHF1,950,000 is the 1808 tourbillon watch in gold with Breguet’s oil-free echappement naturel, a sophisticated bi-directional detent escapement, made for Don Antonio of Spain. Equally impressive are the Pendule Pyramidale with muses — one of four pyramid clocks known to have been made by the company’s founder— and the Pendule Marine, whose first owner was Tsar Alexander I of Russia. These outstanding timepieces will be on display at the Breguet Museum in the Place Vendôme, Paris.