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On November 13 and 15, 2013 the Breguet Boutique Vienna received forty clients and fine watch enthusiasts came to discover the fascinating world of the brand, as well as its exceptional collections and rich history.

Over the time, Breguet has created masterpieces emerging from an encounter between art, beauty and technology. With an exceptional heritage and savoir-faire, the House demonstrates its ingenuity and presents every year new innovative timepieces. The Classique Chronométrie 7727 and Classique “La Musicale” 7800 - two 2013 novelties - created sensation in Austria. Both fitted with revolutionary magnetic mechanisms, they harness magnetism to improve the functioning of their movement. The reference 7727 is fitted with the first magnetic pivot of the watchmaking history. Combined with other innovations, this revolutionary solution allows the watch to obtain an unequal precision. As for “La Musicale” 7800, it has a magnetic governor for the melody. This patented system, which consists of isolated magnets in a cage, reduces unwanted sound and offer a clear tuneful melody.

Thanks to the advent of silicon – which enables the use of magnetism in the heart of the watches – Breguet engineers and watchmakers carry out new fundamental researches. Hitherto considered horological heresy, the introduction of magnetic components opens up exciting new prospects.