This where the flash should stand...



Since its foundation in 1775, the House of Breguet is considered one of the world’s leading fine watchmaking companies boasting impressive number of advances, which revolutionized horology and gave the world numerous unforgettable masterpieces. What remains relatively unknown, however, is that Breguet showed from his beginnings an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit. He soon realized the importance of international appreciation for his products and this contributed to his global success. 

Britain’s fondness for the House rapidly grew. At the beginning of the 1790’s, the watchmaker already had a strong network of retailers. From that point, the links between Breguet and England were continuous and boundless.

Today, the brand proudly continues to maintain this privileged relationship. It recently invited British clients, journalists and friends to discover the new collection in preview in Britain. The event took place from July 2 to July 4, 2013 at Brown’s hotel, a distinguished building in the Mayfair area which was transformed into a branded showcase for the occasion.