This where the flash should stand...



In the context of the 17th International Economic Forum held in St Petersburg, Breguet and the Boutique Tourbillon hosted a special event exhibiting the tourbillons of the House. 

Celebrating the occasion, guests were welcomed on the beautiful island of Elagin, located in the delta of the Neva River in St Petersburg.  The majesty of the scenery was matched only by the exceptional and beautiful Breguet pieces, which assembled guests admired and marvelled at.  Underscoring the evening were the revolutionary inventions attributed to the great Abraham-Louis Breguet notably and most importantly, the finest horological mechanism; the tourbillon.  These incomparable masterpieces, presented for the first time in a single exhibition, declared to all gathered the incredible and astonishing genius of the creator and the expertise of the House. 

The ambiance of the evening was heightened by a magnificent concert of Sergey Mazayev and his orchestra, which followed this important exhibit for the House.