This where the flash should stand...



In partnership with the women’s magazine; "Katei Gaho", the Breguet boutique in Ginza, Japan, recently organized a unique event paying tribute to the wonderful and ancient Japanese customs.

For this unique occasion, 28 readers of the magazine were welcomed to the renowned restaurant "Fukudaya", where they enjoyed wonderful dishes prepared in the traditional Japanese way.  Clients dined on a menu of refined and sophisticated cuisine, which delighted all attendees.  Beyond this gastronomic journey guests also shared the space with the unique presence of the incredibly popular Japanese actor Ichikawa Somegoro.  The actor, best known for his performance of Kubuki, an epic form of traditional Japanese theatre dating from the 17th century,  entertained and enthralled the audience by highlighting the importance of preserving tradition and embracing cultural heritage, values both shared and cherished by Breguet.

The conclusion of the event saw the guests gathering at the Breguet Boutique in Ginza, where the opportunity to discover the world of the Breguet was offered.  The refined and elegant atmosphere of the boutique both highlighted and reinforced the history of the manufacture and the unparalleled collections of the House.