Advice on proper maintenance

Actuating the watch
To start the movement of a hand-wound or self-winding watch, wind it manually before strapping it to the wrist. The number of rotations of the crown required to wind the mainspring completely is indicated in the watch’s instructions for use.

After winding, rotate the crown in the opposite direction so as to disengage the winding mechanism.

A hand-wound watch should be rewound completely every day, preferably always at the same time, before being placed on the wrist so as to ensure that it benefits from a full measure of reserve power, hence the smoothest running possible. For the same reason, it is also recommended to rewind a self-winding watch that is not worn every day.

Water resistance
To protect the movement against moisture, make sure that the winding or setting crown is pushed in fully against the case flank or (on Marine and Types XX, XXI and XXII models) fully screw-locked. The Sales Warranty does not cover water or moisture damage stemming from improper use of the watch.

If you wear your watch for water sports or other activities or if it is often exposed to water and moisture, you should have its water resistance checked every year by a Breguet dealer.

If you discover condensation under the watch crystal, you can assume that your watch is no longer watertight. In that case, get in touch with an after-sales servicing facility duly authorized by Montres Breguet S.A.

Refrain from exposing your watch to strong magnetic fields. Such exposure may cause it to run fast or even to stop running. It should be added, however, that it will cause no lasting or irreversible damage to the movement. In most cases, the timepiece need only be demagnetized to return it to a normal rate and amplitude.

If you notice that your watch runs fast, perhaps followed by a complete stop, it may have been inadvertently magnetized. In such cases, bring your watch in to a servicing facility duly authorized by Montres Breguet S.A.

Servicing frequency
Your watch requires regular upkeep and maintenance to run properly, in particular to refresh the movement’s lubricants. The frequency of servicing depends on the watch model, the care it receives and the conditions under which the watch usually runs. As a rule, a wristwatch should be brought in for servicing every three to four years.

Every Breguet watch is covered by a two-year warranty against any material or manufacturing defect at the time of purchase. Please refer to the conditions of application as well as the list of exceptions not covered by the Warranty in your Certificate of origin and warranty.