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Breguet pursues its quest for precision and invests in the research and development of new technologies and materials. With its patent for a magnetic pivot, the brand has set another milestone in watchmaking history by harnessing magnetism to the service of precision and reliability.

The Classique Chronométrie is fitted with the new Hand-wound calibre 574DR, which takes advantage of the latest developments from the workshops to deliver impressive rating results. This achievement was mainly due to its balance frequency of 10Hz. Breguet’s mastery of silicon enables the Classique Chronométrie to be fitted with a double balance-spring, pallet lever and escape wheel, all in specially prepared silicon that reaches the high frequency necessary for optimum precision. The result is a regulating power equivalent to around 830 microwatts, an achievement when one considers that the regulating capacity of the best chronometers is between 300 and 400 microwatts.

However, the major innovation of this Classique Chronométrie model is without doubt the use of magnetic pivots. This revolutionary solution relies on two endstrones, each fitted with a micro-magnet, at  either end of the balance staff, in order to keep the balance staff sentred ans self-adjusting. Held in an artificial gravitational force, the balance staff is unaffected by the different positions of the watch and the conditions at each pivot remain unchanged. The result is a balance staff that is insensitive to gravity, more stable and resistant to shocks.
These innovations protected by six patents bring the reference 7727’s average rate to -1/+3 seconds a day, well within the COSC chronometer standard of -4/+6 seconds a day.