This where the flash should stand...



US resource for luxury watches, Haute Time magazine is having a new edition of its annual online contest “Haute Time Madness”. 64 timepieces from the 2013 collections of the world most renowned watch companies are presented to the public for its consideration. 5 stages are to be passed before reaching the selection’s final phase. Breguet is currently well positioned: with its Classique Tourbillon extra-thin automatic – unveiled at Baselworld this year – the brand is part of the 16 still in competition for reaching the quarter finals. 

Horological masterpiece Classique Tourbillon extra-thin automatic is distinguished by its off-centre tourbillon with carriage in titanium, a balance-spring made of silicon and an escapement in silicon and anti-magnetic steel. The new calibre fitted into this timepiece beats at 4Hz – a high frequency for a tourbillon – without sacrificing power reserve. A patented “high-energy” barrel provides 90 hours of running time. To keep the height of the movement down to 3mm in a 7mm thick case, Breguet has placed the bi-directional platinum winding rotor on the edge of the movement. 

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