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Breguet has been associated with innovative watchmaking since 1775.
From its start, the company has sought to improve the science of time measurement with such inventions as the pare-chute shock absorber, the raised terminal curve on the balance-spring (the so-called Breguet spring) and the tourbillon. Today, the brand continues in its quest for precision, having introduced in 2006 its first watches with silicon balance-spring and escapement. This technical exploit after several years of development contributed to improving the average rate of watches and won the admiration of the watch industry. The manufacturer continues to use silicon in its movements and intends to fit silicon components to all its horological works of art by 2013.

Breguet has also recently disclosed the fruits of its research into high-frequency balances and the application of magnetism in its watches, demonstrating that it is open to every possible field of research.

Breguet not only continues to research and innovate, it also packs its current collections with new models. 2012 is moreover an important date because it marks the 200 years since Queen Caroline Murat of Naples ordered the first complicated wristwatch as well as the decade since the launch of the Reine de Naples collection for women.