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Writing Instruments 2002


A TRIBUTE TO GREAT WRITERSBalzac, Stendhal, Pushkin, Dumas and many other great writers honoured Breguet by mentioning the famous watchmaker’s name regularly in their works. Indeed, references to Breguet watches in French and foreign literature illustrate the exceptional renown of the watchmaking company and its founder. Breguet is so deeply embedded in European culture that the name springs to mind naturally in any portrayal of the aristocracy, the bourgeoisie, or, quite simply, the world of luxury and refinement.Today, Breguet is proud to honour in turn these illustrious names from literature, by offering to lovers of the art its first range of Writing Instruments. The range includes three exclusive items: a fountain pen, a roller ball pen, and a ballpoint pen that converts into a mechanical pencil. Fine materials, purity of form, and faithfulness to the company’s philosophy are the basic values of the new range of Breguet Writing Instruments. They are designed to appeal to those with taste and character, accompanying them in their precious moments of reflection and creativity, and are available exclusively at the Breguet Boutiques.