This where the flash should stand...



In 2012, Breguet presented an exceptional exhibition around the first wristwatch created by Breguet for Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples. After a roadshow across continents, this exhibition invites itself again in China, where it achieved great success.

In Nanjing, the exhibition tribute to the Queen of Naples was set up for ten days in the Deji Plaza Mall. Breguet built a boudoir surrounded by a fine and hushed rose-colored atmosphere, which recalls Queen Caroline Murat’s elegant finery. After Nanjing, the exhibition was presented at Harmony Mix City in Shenzhen from June 16 to June 24, 2013.

The next stopover is Meimei Plaza in Shenyang, where Breguet presents the entire collection “Reine de Naples” (Queen of Naples), from July 1st to August 31, 2013. The last stops scheduled in China are the cities of Shijiazhuang, from September 6 to September 22, and Xian, from October 1st to October 15, 2013.