This where the flash should stand...



To celebrate the occasion of Baselworld both the Classique Chronométrie 7727 and Classique Tourbillon extra-thin automatic models were debuted and universally appreciated by both press and public alike.

The Classique Chronométrie 7727 model is the first timepiece in the history of watchmaking which integrates magnetic pivots. Together with other innovations, this technological revolution endows the watch with such extraordinary characteristics, the highlight being an extraordinary average rate of  -1/+3 seconds a day. 

As well as the Classique Chronométrie 7727, the Classique Tourbillon extra-thin automatic delighted everybody by its ingenuity and elegance. With a case of just 7mm and a movement of only 3mm, this highly complicated watch is characterized by several major inventions. At the forefront is the patented “high energy” barrel which provides an unparalleled 90 hours of running time with a single barrel. 

On May 7 and May 14 2013, respectively, these two significant models, as well as other 2013 novelties, were presented at two exclusive cocktails held in the Breguet boutiques in Zurich and Geneva. The guests were also treated to a rare presentation of the technical and R&D departments of the Manufacture. This proved to be a great opportunity to increase their watchmaking knowledge and improve their comprehension of the technical prowess constantly demonstrated and associated with Breguet.