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Breguet Opens Third Boutique in U.S.


Watch brand joins the ranks of 5th Avenue’s luxury

Classically refined and sophisticated amongst the prestige, the watch brand, Breguet, finds itself rightly situated upon the most luxurious boutiques on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Open to the public by the end of November, the 3,500 sq. ft. boutique features a special exhibition space that will allow visitors to experience an interactive virtual tour of the Breguet manufacture located in Switzerland.


This is the third Breguet Boutique to open in the U.S. The other two are located on Madison Avenue in New York City and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Ca.


The boutique is a superb showcase of original features to welcome breathtaking displays of impeccably finished timepieces. Both sales areas and exhibition space share the contemporary spirit of an original décor highlighting the brand’s corporate colors.


The ground floor is reserved for product display and sales while the first floor houses Breguet’s historical heritage.


The boutique’s decoration scheme focuses on the quality of its constituent materials and the refinement of its decorative details. The choice of materials stemmed from a study of Breguet timepieces. Selected historic designs served as aesthetic references. Gemstone-like blued glass in the front windows, represents the blue enamel of Empress Josephine’s pocket watch and the play of light and shadow engraved gold patterns. Spatial partitioning draws its inspiration from the elliptic patterns abounding in Breguet’s own work, resulting in sinuous shapes and surfaces accompanying visitors throughout their time in the boutique.


Located at 711 Fifth Avenue, Breguet’s centuries of European history and culture come together on the most lavish avenue in the U.S., presenting a world of prestige horology.