This where the flash should stand...



On October 7, 2013, the exhibition "Breguet, the Innovator " took place, for an evening, at the Tokyo National Museum, the oldest and largest museum in Japan . From the Tourbillon to the Classique Chronométrie, the House presented a selection of its greatest horological inventions - covering more than 200 years of history - to its guests.
During this event, guests were also animated by exclusive demonstrations of a watchmaker and a presentation on the invention of the magnetic pivot. This revolutionary solution relies on two endstones, each fitted with a micro-magnet, at either end of the balance staff. The aim is to improve the pivoting, oscillations and stability of the balance. The much enhanced regulating capacity of the balance that ensues allows Breguet to set another milestone in the history of watchmaking.
This pleasant moment of discovery ended with a live performance of Mr Kazuhiro Nishijima, a famous Japanese ballet dancer.